S P R I N G    S E A S O N


  • Lobster cannelloni with red prawn and 'txangurro' bechamel coating 38.30 
  • Tuna strips macerated in ginger oil and creamy basil 35.00 
  • Vague omelette with red prawns and five peppers 30.90 
  • Spring salad with goat cheese, orange, pine nuts and vinaigrette 30.90
  • Duck confit cannelloni with plum bexamel and branded foie filet 39.00 
  • Wild sea bass macerated tartare with tomato Montserrat  37.00  
  • Tray of hand-cut ham shavings 40.00
  • Seafood Paella 46.00 (per person)
  • Poached egg and Iberian jowl on a bed of potato and onion confit with truffled AOVE 44.50


  • Grilled salmon loin with white wine parmentiere 38.00
  • Cod nose with muslin in five layers La Tata style 45.20
  • Grilled branded squid in Japanese sauce and wild asparagus 39.00
  • Grilled wild turbot with 'donostiarra' sauce 48.50 
  • Supreme sea bass baked with potatoes and onion classic style 43.00


  • Steak tartare of beef with spicy yolk in the style of Sergi Roig (MR.SR) 46.00
  • Black angus T-bone steak grilled on charcoal and garnish 62.00
  • Grilled Galician blonde beef tenderloin with P.X. and grilled foie medallion 49.00
  • Charcoal-grilled Nebraska beef entrecote and garnish 65.00
  • Grilled Galician blonde beef tenderloin with Paris coffee sauce 49.00
  • Sweet kid in lingot with its juice reduced in wine 47.90
  • Baked veal shank, boned and filleted in plum sauce at low temperature 44.00  
  • English-style Wellington iberian pork tenderloin 47.00
  • Oxtail in its juice 56.00
  • Duroc Iberian pork ribs baked at low temperature 48.90
  • Old-fashioned baked young lamb shoulder 48.80


  • Mushroom risotto with fresh Parmesan cheese 33.00
  • Baby broad beans with meat spread from the pot 36.00
  • Low temperature suckling lamb shoulder 48.90
  • Irish cebón tomahawk grilled on charcoal and garnish (1 kg) 82.50

  • Desserts of the day presented by the waiters 16.00