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S P R I N G 

      S E A S O N


  • Lobster cannelloni with red prawn and 'txangurro' bechamel coating 29.90 
  • Tuna strips macerated in ginger oil and creamy basil 33.00 
  • Braised octopus with creamy white wine potato and Tárrega oil 44.50 
  • Tartare of prawns with shrimp oli and aigua in water with lime zest 29.90 
  • Tortilla vague with red prawns and Iberian pork jowl 27.90 
  • Foie mi-cuit seasoned for 48h accompanied by pear and anise jam with toast 29.90 
  • Duck confit cannelloni with plum bexamel and branded foie filet 37.00 
  • Crispy octopus with creamy peppered potato and red oil 44.50 
  • Tomato tartare Montserrat with macerated wild sea bass 33.00 
  • Table of artisanal cheeses with jam, toasted walnuts 30.50 
  • Tray of hand-cut ham shavings 33.00


  • 'Rosa para Lis', selected and macerated salmon tataki 33.00 
  • Cod snout in pilpil sauce with confit tomatoes 33.50 
  • Squid grilled with chopped Iberian jowls 37.00 
  • Grilled wild turbot with oil essence and garlic Honduran 46.50 
  • Supreme baked with potatoes and onion classic style 39.50


  • Filleted Iberian pork cooked in a pear reduction 38.00 
  • Steak tartare of beef with spicy yolk in the style of Sergi Roig (MR.SR) 40.00
  • High loin entrecote, spiced. of old cow, charcoal grilled 47.80
  • Braised picaña and brushed in juice sauce shank and ginger 42.80 
  • Grilled Galician blonde beef tenderloin with café de paris sauce 42.00 
  • Jarrete de ternera horneado, deshuesado y fileteado en salsa de ciruelas a baja temperatura 38.00


  • Desserts of the day presented by the waiters 16.00

  • Oven-baked kid back with potato parmantiere 50.80 
  • Cabrit melós in ingot amb el suc reduït en fri 45.90


  • Baldús, White Cava, Brut 30.00
  • Brots, Xarelo, White, Penedés 29.00
  • Temptació, Malvasia de Sitges, White, Penedés 29.00
  • Ojo Plato, Tempranillo, Red, Ribera del Duero 32.00
  • M de Mas Igneus, Cabernet, Garnacha, Merlot y Cariñena, Red, Priorat 35.00